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African Tribal Art

Vintage African Tribal Art Seated Monkey Hand Carved Wooden Sculpture Statue yqz


Antique African Nigeria Tribal Art EJAGHAM Tribe Carved Sculpture Nigeria yqz


African Art Tribal Ceremonial Cup - Dogon Style Wood Cup / Bowl Mali Ritual Cups


An Old Lobi Iron Currency Snake, Serpent, African Tribal Art


Haunting Pere Magic fetish sculpture, Tribal Art, African Art


African Art Tribal Ceremonial Dogon Style Wood Cup w/ Lid / Mali Ritual Bowl


OLD AFRICAN Primitive Fine Folk Art WOOD SCULPTURE carving Tribal Artwork Nude


Collectible Antique African Tribal Statue Figurine Sculpture Home Decor Folk Art


Vintage Pair of African Tribal Art Bronze Benin Leopard Lion Lost Wax Sculptures




Antique African Tribal Statue Figure Bronze Art Metal


African Tribal Art Statue from Congo


Large BENIN Bronze African OBA statue - region BENIN City, TRIBAL ART


African headrest, LUBA, HEMBA tribe, D.R. Congo TRIBAL ART


African bronze statue of a Mythical Animal, DOGON tribe, TRIBAL ART, African Art


African MAHONGWE Bwete Reliquary - BAKOTA tribe - Gabon TRIBAL ART, African Art


Large wooden YORUBA Female African maternity statue , TRIBAL ART, Nigeria


A Rare Lobi Bateba Shrine fetish with nails, African Tribal Art


Large African bronze container "Horse riders", SAO tribe, Chad TRIBAL ART


Large African bronze sculpture "Horse riders", DOGON tribe, Mali, TRIBAL ART


Antique Ebony Wood Sculpture Tribal African Art Head Bust Hand Carved Statue N/R


Vintage Carved Dark Wood African Tribal Woman Head Folk Art


Big African HAM PILU fertility doll, FALI tribe Cameroon TRIBAL ART, African Art


Antique African Ashati Tribe Small Carved Wood Headrest - Tribal Art - Unusual!


Antique African Tribal art Yoruba.


African Tribal Art Sling Shot


Life size BENIN bronze African OBA King head - BENIN, TRIBAL ART, African Art


Large BENIN Bronze Plaque, Nigeria, Benin city region TRIBAL ART, African Art


African Folk Art Carved Tribal Fertility Figure w/ Phallus


BAMANA, BAMBARA, Chiwara, Ci Wara Antelope Dance Crest, Mali - TRIBAL ART


An Old Akua'ba Fertility Doll from the Ashanti, African Tribal Art


African Tribal Art Wooden Sculpture Ancestor Figure D.R. Congo


Dark Pere Magic fetish sculpture, Tribal Art, African Art


Mbole Ofika "Hanged Man" Tribal Art, African Art


Dogon Seated Maternity Sculpture Tribal African Art 40 inch


A Very Fine Baule Male sculpture, Tribal Art, African Art


A Fine Songye male sculpture, Tribal Art, African Art


African Tribal Sun Mask from Burkina Faso Tribal Art Vintage Original Condition